If you’re interested in developing your off-road riding skills, we have the perfect suite of laddered adventure training courses to suit you. Based on the input you provide about your off-road riding level, we’ll arrange the most appropriate package for you to develop your off-road capabilities and take your riding to the next level.

Whatever your experience, we ensure that the level of tuition targets your specific needs and helps build your confidence.  Each rider-focused training course covers the key skills designed to improve your adventure riding, as well as thorough preparation and all-important debrief discussions with your instructors, in order for you to maximise the understanding of each technique that has been covered.

Introductory adventure training

Course length: 1 day £299 (per person)

  • Overview of bike
  • Overview of controls
  • Balance & weight distribution
  • Body position
  • Techniques for picking up the bike
  • Mounting & dismounting
  • Corners & turning
  • Controlled braking
  • Slight inclines & declines
  • Trail riding introduction
  • Level 1 training taster

We welcome enthusiastic off-road beginner motorcyclists on this one-day off-road basics training course.

This training is ideal for helping decide which course to choose next.

training Level 1

Course length: 2 days £499 (per person)

Level 1 training covers the basics of off-road riding.

No previous off-roading experience is required and this training focuses first on building riding confidence, then developing and improving bike handling and manoeuvring skills.

Teaching you the skills to use your motorcycle on varied terrain around the world.

training level 2

Course length: 2 days £499 (per person)

Level 2 is an intermediate level of training.

We begin by recapping level 1 skills and then ride tougher, more challenging terrain that utilises more of your off-road riding skills and techniques.

After this training you’ll be able to harness much more of your motorcycle’s capability and features.

Training level 3

Course length: 2 days £499 (per person)

Level 3 is positioned for the more advanced / experienced off-road rider.

After recapping Level 2 skills, we then tackle more extreme and advanced obstacles and terrain that you never knew the bike (or you!) were capable of.

This course hones your skills and offers many more specialist off-road techniques.

Training refresher

Course length: 1 day £299 (per person)

Perfect for riders who have some previous off-road experience, who may have already been on other courses. It would also suit someone with gaps between courses or the occasional off-road rider.

Already had some kind of off-road training, but haven’t ridden off-road for a while?

This refresher is designed to get you back on the bike, build your confidence, and identify further training needs to take your off-road riding to the next level.



2 days for £499pP

  • Overview of bike features
  • Low-speed control
  • Braking
  • Hills (basic)
  • Trail riding
  • Momentum techniques
  • Ruts / shallows
  • Level 2 taster
  • De-brief 



2 days for £499pp

  • Recap of Level 1
  • ABS, traction, riding modes
  • Intermediate bike control
  • Ruts, burns, water crossing
  • Advance hills / climbs
  • Breaking turns / skids
  • Pre-loading / lighting the front end
  • Downhill breaking and techniques
  • Breakdowns
  • Intermediate trail riding
  • Level 3 taster
  • De-brief 



2 days for £499pp

  • Recap of Level 1 & 2
  • Advanced tips
  • Rivers / crossings / streams
  • Sand riding
  • Power sliding
  • Tight turns, police turns, whip turns
  • Off chambers
  • Line choice / changing ruts
  • Advanced trail riding
  • Pre-jumping obstacles
  • De-brief 



A fully immersive and fun riding experience.