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Performance naked bikes at their game-changing best. Triumph's incredible signature Triple engines, are built for power, torque and instant responsiveness. With precision agile handling, and aggressive purposeful poise, whether you choose the Speed Triple – the original hooligan and the greatest ever generation – or the definitive naked sports Street Triple, with its 765cc engine set to exclusively power the Moto2™ racing championship from 2019.




At the heart of Triumph’s premium roadster line-up, all our naked sports motorcycles are powered by the next generation of Triumph’s iconic Triple engine, delivering a legendary torque rich performance, hair-raising triple soundtrack and attitude.

The category defining engines of the Speed Triple and Street Triple bring all of the game-changing attitude and thrills that in 1994 heralded the birth of the factory streetfighter and created the very first ‘naked sportsbike’.  Now, the new and greatest ever generation of Triumph Triples roar into action with an explosive wall of torque, from standstill right up into the red; delivering instant responsiveness with a triple punch.

The latest generation Triple engine is core to the Triumph line-up’s razor-sharp performance; with its smooth and strong linear power delivery, precision handling, unmistakable hair-raising soundtrack, renowned capability and reliability – perfect for taming the city streets, hitting the apex or tearing up the track.

Moto2™ triple power

Performance street motorbikes with peerless Triple engine power, confidence-inspiring agility, and intuitive precision handling - built to rule the street and now the race track.

With the FIM Moto2™ World Championship’s exclusive adoption of Triumph’s Triple 765cc engine, from 2019 onwards, the next generation of race superstars will make their mark in the history books riding motorcycles powered by a race-specification version of our class-defining signature Street Triple engine.

Our relentless quest for quality has led to this unrivalled range of street motorcycles boasting more power, performance, and an unparalleled rider experience.  The result, the most advanced line-up of naked sports bikes we’ve ever made, all designed to deliver maximum thrills and fun on the road and on the track.


In 1994 Triumph launched a bike that ignited a segment, defined a category and gave birth to the term “factory streetfighter”.  Aggressive, agile, powerful and purposeful, this was the game-changing original Triumph Speed Triple.

Loved by legions of passionate fans around the world, the Speed Triple is the original hooligan, and has become a true modern motorcycle icon. Ever evolving but always instantly recognisable, with its signature twin headlights and brooding, minimalist stance wrapped around a thrilling big bore Triumph Triple engine. Always built to deliver the perfect balance of power, handling, capability and character, to be the complete naked performance motorcycle.

Constantly improving and redefining our own extraordinary benchmark, the latest and best ever generation once again raises the bar and sets the benchmark as the most powerful, best handling, most technologically advanced and most aggressive and addictive Speed Triples ever made.


All Triumph accessories are developed hand-in-hand with the motorcycles, and are specifically designed and tested to the highest standards to enhance your bike’s performance, capability and style.

This includes the all new Triumph Shift Assist, for up and down gear shifts without the use of the clutch, tuned specifically for the new Speed Triples.

That’s why personalising your bike with Triumph genuine accessories is the perfect way to create a motorcycle that reflects you and your needs.



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